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Studio Ralph van Manen


"Where words fail,

speaks the music "

Hans Christian Andersen

How nice of you to take a look at my website!

I would like to tell you about my passion for singing and my journey in it.

As a child in the family I grew up in, we used to sing together after dinner. Songs from the past, but also those we had learned at (Sunday) school. Of course also singing in the shower, so my mother knew immediately how I was doing.

As a family we went to church together and there was a lot of room for singing, music and musical. In the first instance at the Sunday school and later in the youth group and in the Sunday services. At that time we also had a really swinging church choir in which I sang along.

With this choir we participated in an  American Black Gospel Workshop in 1997 under olv  Edith Casteleijn in a choir of more than 300 singers, which was quite an experience. Later I participated in such a workshop 3 times in a smaller setting. That was in 2005, 2006 and 2007. In 2005 and 2007 I was allowed to sing a solo during the concert.

In the meantime I also sang together with my 2 sisters in "Scouts Of Joy" 

Because the church choir had stopped in the meantime, my sister and I started looking for another choir. We ended up at Gospel choir Spirit in Capelle aan den IJssel. This choir was conducted by Maarten Wassink and was part of the Charles Vermeer Zanginstituut. (Gospel choir Spirit stopped in 2019. I had already stopped before, but I still participated in some projects and the farewell concert)

Because Maarten was not only conductor of Spirit, but also ofThe Choir Company,I came into contact with the projects ofThe Choir Companyas a chorister and a few times as part of a praise team supporting the choir.

In 2015, 2017 and 2019 I was allowed toThe Choir Companyto Indonesia for a tour of about 2 weeks. These tours were great experiences. but the most important thing was that kids got a sponsor and churches/congregations in Indonesia were encouraged. These tours were a collaboration between Wahana Visi IndonesiaandThe Choir Company.


To keep my singing quality up to scratch, I have followed a few workshops and courses and I am taking singing lessons.


At the Randstedelijk Zanginstituut in Gouda, the course singing and voice formation beginners and advanced led byLeonore Engelbrecht. Leonore also gives breathing workshops that I have participated in twice.

BeeTalitha NawijnSinging course The Voicelab and follow-up course Singing The Voicelab.

After that I started taking singing lessons at Natasja Gorlee. Singer, vocal coach and PA of Adrian Snell.

Since August 2020, singing lessons (and voice massage) at Mike Ott.

Vocal Camp Las Negras(2018) conducted byRalph van Manen,Talitha NawijnandEsther Hart.


After the Vocalcamp in Las Negras, I started researching the possibilities for recording some songs and making a CD. 

My singles Via Dolorosa and On My Knees are now out.

December 1, 2020 I have my 3rd song,Never For Nothing, recorded in the studio at

Ralph van Manenand on April 6, 2021 my 4th single, Take Me As I Am. On October 22, 2021 we worked on my 5th single, Shepherd Of My Heart and December 15, 2021 we recorded the 6th single, Oh My Soul.

June 28, 2022 the 7th song was recorded, Just Be Held.

December 13, 2022 it's the turn of the 8th song.

I hope to release my first EP in early 2023.

I am currently singing in the choir


On the Music page you can download my 9 songs each.

Via Bestel Mini-Album Pieces Of My Soul | Prisca van Leeuwen (

you can order my physical EP.

Via Bestel DOWNLOAD Pieces Of My Soul | Prisca van Leeuwen ( you can order a download of the mini-album.

Enjoy listening!

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