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In the studio

How it started...

When I first heard the song Via Dolorosa from Sandi Patty, it immediately touched my heart and never let go. This song tells about the agony of Jesus and what He has done for you and me.

In the Bible this history can be read among others in Matthew 27.

Ralph at work

In September 2018 I went to Las Negras for a vocal camp.

Spending the whole week singing and technique in different ways under the guidance of 3 coaches. Esther Hart (ao vocal coach of Marco Borsato), Talitha Nawijn, with whom I followed the Singing course The Voicelab and further course Singing The Voicelab and coach Ralph van Manen.

Ralph brought a mini recording studio and all students were given the opportunity to record a song to experience how it works and hear yourself back.

Ralph asked me if I had made recordings before. No, not as a soloist, but sometimes thought about it.

Brought the recorded song  in Las Negras back to the Netherlands and let it be heard by my vocal coach Natasja Gorlee.

Natasja was also enthusiastic.

During one of my classes I discussed the idea to record something and asked if she would support me in this adventure.

And that's how it started ...

Thank you Natasja for your listening ear, help and feedback in this process! I greatly appreciate your stimulus and belief in me!

I contacted Ralph van Manen for admission and that is how things got started.

Last year I made my 1st real recording.

The first song I wanted to record was

Via Dolorosa.

And now the release of my first CD single!

I wish you a lot of listening pleasure and hope this song touches your heart as much as mine!

Feel free to leave a comment on the contact page.


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